Currently Watching: The Hospital



I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:
Make the care of my patient my first concern; listen to patients and respect their views; recognize the limits of my professional competence; be honest and trustworthy; make sure that my personal beliefs do not prejudice my patients’ care; avoid abusing my position as a doctor; and work with colleague in the ways that best serve patients’ interest.

One morning, a very important person checked into the hospital. That person was President Liu's only daughter, Liu Xin Ping. She had developed acute leukemia. And for her ongoing chemotherapy, a Central IV line was to be implanted in the right atrium of her heart. Dr Su Yi-Hua was asked to perform this operation as he was a leading expert in the Central IV implantation.

However, a simple operation ignited a heated power struggle within the hospital. Liu Xin Ping's health became a triump card in which Dr. Tang Guo-Tai, head of sugery, and Dr. Xu Da-Ming, head of internal medicine, play to win the Hospital Director position. When Dr. Tang found out that his arch rival Dr. Xu appointed Dr. Su to perform the surgery, he was concerned that Dr. Xu's cancer treatment for the President's daughter would grab the spotlight and impact his chance to be the next hospital director. So on the eve of the surgery, he utilized his power as the head of surgery and replaced Dr. Su with Dr. Qiu Qing-Cheng, who was one of his people and far less experienced in the type of operation.

What should have been a holy and tranquil place of healing had become a battle ground where ambition reel it's ugly head.

Jerry Yan as Dr Su Yi-Hua
Leon Dai  as Dr Qiu Qing Cheng
Ng Man Tat as Dr Tang Guo Tai
Gining Chang as Dr Guan Xin
Chang Kuo Chu as Dr Xu Da Ming
Saya as Liu Xin Ping



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