Hello world.

Here's my Tita's kwento about my arrival (includes some of my first photo shots):

Hello world. Meet my baby nephew, Marcus Arden Martinez.


Arden was born on April 12 after an 8-hour natural labor.  He weighed 6.6 lbs and was 5.4cm long. 

On April 11 morning, my sister was already having small contraction. I received her sms while i was on the way to office.

At around 9pm the contraction got worse. By this time, Ma and Pa were there to see her in painful labor.

Her water bag broke around 11pm and after an hour (12:10am of April 12), she delivered Arden by natural birth. Thank God they're both ok.

His daddy sms me this good news. That time, I was still up and was surfing the Net. I excitedly woke up Lyla, Ma and Pa. As the excited Aunts that we are, we went right away to their place to check on my sis and Arden. 

The first sight of Arden. It was a joy. He was the most handsome baby boy in the whole wide world. =)

According to my sister, Arden was asleep when he finally come out (after 5 pushes) and his color was blue. Her mother-in-law (midwife) and sister-in-law (nurse) have to pat him vigorously. Thank God, Arden immediately woke up and gave out his first cry. They also have to put an 60-watt incandescent lamp over him to make Arden warm. I touched Arden's hand it's a bit cold.

We stayed up there the whole morning, checking on my sis and Arden.

When we came back, Arden was already awake.


His Dad, Lola and Tita Lyla brought him to Antipolo Doctor's Hospital for a check up and newborn screening test (NBS).

The Doctor and nurses thought Arden was already 3-week old =). According to the doctor, Arden is ok. Both his lungs and heart are ok.

We all thought NBS should be taken within 24 hours after birth. But according to the doctor, it should be taken after the first 24 hours. So, Arden will take his NBS test today around 2pm.


Mommy and Arden 


Daddy and Arden


Titas and Arden 


Lola and Lolo with Arden 





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