Rocking with Calliope

Thank you for choosing Calliope to make your mark on the world wide web. You’ve made an awesome choice. because Calliope doesn’t just give you a blog, It gives you:

Unmatched privacy and security
Calliope gives you the power to create your own “Me Wide Web”, a slice of the internet that is truly your own, made available to who you choose, be it everyone or a select few.Simply add people you want to give access to via the control panel and set permissions every time you post new blog posts, photos or audio files.

A whole new level of customizability
Calliope allows you to edit all aspects of your blog on the fly, quickly and easily.

The most complete profile page
Our profile page brings together the essential content you have put out on the web, be it your social networks, your online photos and videos even your social bookmarks and anything else you consider significant. Your new profile page doesn’t just say who you are in the Calliope network, it’s a roadmap to who you are on the internet.

A powerful photo gallery
Calliope’s powerful photo gallery allows you to showcase your best photos to the world; the photo gallery also allows for easy organization of your digital memories and comes with advanced privacy and security options so you can control who sees which of your pictures.

Integrated Audio player
Calliope comes integrated with an audio player that allows you to upload your favorite songs and podcasts and organize them with ease. Stream your audio files from Winamp and iTunes; you can even set privileges so that you control who gets to stream or download your audio.

Your very own domain. (example:

Mail forwarding
All email messages sent to are automatically forwarded to the email address you used to register, giving you a unique, conveniently short email address.

Calliope was not designed with an aim to outdo all the existing blog platforms out there, but by thinking of ways to enrich YOUR online experience, that’s exactly what we ended up with. If we strip everything down, the internet is all about people. Lots and lots and lots of people. We understand that it’s easy to get lost in the pack. We want you to stand out. This is why Calliope is all about you. Enjoy!


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