Link: cli-ent-co-pi-a

cli-ent-co-pi-a – to cope with difficulties of a client attaining professional services and act to overcome them, despite the client's blatant stupidity

random pick: 

by donoyoni

client at the phone: Hello, the bed I bought the other day is creaking. Everytime we try to sleep it makes a loot of sound and i don't feel too safe there…

friend co-worker: creaking? -now she asks about improper assembly, flaw pieces, etc…-

CATP: No you see… we have a lot of movement in the bed, you know… it shouldn't make that noise, should it?

FCW: uuh… our beds are designed for sleeping only, sorry -mute on- ROTFL!!!!! -mute off- thanks for your call, dadada…


One thought on “Link: cli-ent-co-pi-a

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