i’ve been tagged for the first time

this is the first time i've been tagged. thanks, alia.
i actually enjoyed answering the questions. 

1. Where is your dad right now?
        Back at home, probably attending to his pets, love birds.
2. Last time you kissed someone?
        last night

3. Name five things you did today.
        – worked
        – watched tv
        – played at my favorite virtual online pet site
        – answer(ed) this meme
        – read Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince

4. Last person you text messaged?
        my boyfriend
5. What kind of phone do you have?
        like alia said, old and trusty, Nokia 3310

6. Where does your bestfriend work?
        one at marcela, the other one at bank in marikina, one at a certain company in singapore

7. What are you listening to?
        Out of Reach by Gabrielle

8. What do you smell like?
        smell like a flower hehehe

9. What color are your eyes?
        dark brown

10. Have you ever done a Chinese fire drill?
        no, only Filipino fire drill mwehehehe, ano ba yung chinese fire drill

11. What color is your bedroom floor?
        off white

12. Do you have a chair in your room? w/c room? bedroom?

13. What are you doing tomorrow?
        get my Harry Potter and Deathly Hollow Book.

14. Do you know someone named Betsy?
        Yes, a classmate from highschool

15. What color is your mom’s hair?
        black with streak of white

16. Do you have a dog?
        yes, si totoy. naka-seryosong aso

17. Do you remember singing songs as a kid?
        yes, i remember singing a song (about wind) from batibot  while i was on the top of calachuchi tree.

18. Are you married?

        not yet

19. When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
        just this morning while i'm waking her up. I just said "Pay your tuition fee today". Yesterday, I already gave her the fee and she still hasn't paid it. Tsk.

20. Do you play an instrument?
        no. My pop played the harmonica very well and our bunso can play the guitar, and me and my other 2 sisters we don't play any instrument. Though i really like to learn how to play an organ. Kahit yun na lang. hehhehe

21. Do you like fire?
        no and yes. i like it if it's for good use, no if it's not.
22. Are you allergic to anything?

        maybe, di ko sure eh
23. Do you have a crush on anyone?
        yes, si Jumong. hahahah

24. Do you have a bestfriend?

25. Have you ever been to a spa?
        yes, last may at island cove

26. Did you take science all 4 yrs. of High School?
        yes, from gen science up to physics

27. Do you like butterflies?

        i like looking at them…

28. Do you miss someone right now?

        right at this moment, i miss some of my friends

29. Do you think they miss u too?
        yeah, i think so

30. Have you ever seen your school counselor?
        yes, just once. it is only because i came in late with my highschool team mates (we finished a science experiment kasi). i still clearly remember what she said to us "pilot section pa man din kayo". for all i care. hahhaha


i'm tagging leah, kris.


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