Month: September 2007


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Meet my handsome baby nephew, Arden. He's sooo cute. He has beautiful smiling eyes, chubby cheeks, cute chin, and good nose :)"


Meme: 4th year HS Questions

THINK BACK TO 4th year hs… Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret..

1. What section were you?
IV-Einstein (SMHS)

2. Who were your seatmates?
first quarter, si Cherry U.
last quarter, ni-reshuffle kami kasi nagalit yung math teacher namin, so si Joanh B. ang naging katabi ko.

3. Still remember your english teacher?
yes. yung principal namin. si Ma’am Jornacion

4. What was your first class?
History (tama ka Joyce)

5. Who were your best[classmates]?
close friends ko that time sina Cherry, Jennifer, Rosendahl, Sarah, Rexmaris at si ate Richie

6. Who was your crush then?
hehehe alam na naman nilang lahat eh. si — crush ko nun

7. Made friends with the lower years?
yes, close with janelle & friends. (mga 2nd year studes pa nun)

8. Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
wala eh

9. How was your class schedule?
super aga ng klase 5:45am yata dapat nasa school ka na. though half-day ang sked. minsan may CAT sa hapon.

10. Made any enemies?
inaway ako pero di ako nang away 🙂

11. Who was your favorite teacher?
naku nalimutan ko, yung teacher namin sa steno

12. What sport did you play?
wala. hahaha. taga-nood lang ako

13. Did you buy your lunch?
no. sa bahay na ako nag-la-lunch.

14. Were you a party animal?
no. mahiyain ako nun

15. Were you well known in your school?
naku hindi. mahiyain nga ako eh


17. Did you get suspended/expelled?

18. Can you sing the alma mater?

19. What were your favorite subjects?
math/algebra/analytic geometry

20. What was your school’s full name?
Sumulong Memorial High School

21. Did you go to the dances?

22. If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?
yes, masaya ang high school life

23. What do you remember most about 4th year?

1) most memorable yung inaway ako ng ex-gf ni — 😦
pero in fairness, nag-sorry naman si ex-gf in the end. kaya lang si — walang ginawa. hehehe. di man lang ako pinagtanggol 😦

2) nung napagalitan kami ng math teacher namin dahil yung middle row boys eh napagbintangan tinatawanan sya. grabe, binalibag ang table sa harap at nag-walk out ang teacher namin. hindi kami pinasukan ng ilang araw.

24. Favorite memory(ies) in 4th year?

Our Baguio Tour. Saya grabe.

There’s this one time during a class that someone called me. nagtutuksuhan sila nung katabi nya. when i asked them “bakit?” tulakan at tawanan lang sila. parang tanga lang ang peg. haha.

after CAT Graduation, nung nahingi  yung CAT bullcap ko

25. Worst memory in 4th year?
nung inaway nga ako ni ex-gf and there’s no closed friends to confide to. kalungkot nun buti na lang andyan si ate Richie for support 🙂

26. Where did you go most often during breaks?
classroom lang

27. What did you do on the last day of school?
graduation practice, asikasuhin ang clearance at pa-fill up-an yung autograph notebook ko

28. How was your graduation?
kakaiyak, nakakatuwa