Month: April 2008

"huge David Cook fan" : )

"All i really need…" David Cook’s singing voice is still echoing in my mind while i’m writing this post. as always, his performance is still the best. all the judges have high praises for him. Randy said his a "huge David Cook fan" hehehe.  Simon said that his fist song is ok,  the second brilliant!

have i said i love David Cook? well, let me say it again… i love David Cook!

David Cook sang 2 Neil Diamond Songs 

His first song:

David Cook – I’€™m Alive


His 2nd song:

David Cook – All I Ever Really Need is You



i love David Cook : )

just watched David Cook in AI Top 6 performance. He sang Music of the Night, one of my favorite songs from my (and Kris’) favorite musical, Phantom of the Opera.
He sticked to the original version and sang it just the way it should have been sang. grabe! it gave me goosebump. I would want him to sing all the songs  of PO most specially Think of Me.
He’s the best!


David Cook – Music of the Night